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I grew up Communist and passed by an even extremer Left as a teen: from rigorous theory of it all to an incoherent creed focused on single causes.

When I became myself, for a long time I felt vaguely Left and kind of anti-police, simply as a habit. The latter feeling kind of evaporated when I started working for the police and got sucked into their logic.


Then came the Catalan meltdown right around me. Liberal #Ciudadanos represented the fight back against the völkisch nationalism that had disgusted me since I first set foot in Catalonia, decades before. As a migrant, I had no vote but I could represent the party at the voting polls.

And the police corps that bothered to do their job were saviours risking their skin for us. Hard not to admire that, and disdain the corp that was presented to us as the armed wing of Catalan nationalism.


In Denmark, I had already been voting for #DetRadikaleVenstre, who are not Left and not radical at all but very midstream and supposedly Danish champions of humanism. Supposedly socio-liberal, they seemed to have solved the equation of how to combine interventions with freedom.

Of course they had not. I have later found out very close up that they are the worst: stuffed to the brim with hipocrisy, they only care about themselves and about looking good.


In the meantime, original Socialist Ciudadanos have cut out the supposed social part of the liberalism and gone awry in a kind of dissolution into nothingness without any clear definition of what on Earth this party represent.

In the European institutions, I have seen their representatives lash out against migrants daring to use the health system, and how it was a Spanish Socialist who had to point out just how miserable that standpoint is.

But I have also seen Ciudadanos try to take on la DGAIA in Barcelona: the corrupt Catalan orphanage and orphanizing system. Well done.


In the meantime, boringly Muslim-bashing Vox with their alibi Black fella is the one party that uses the judicial system against the populist nationalism on the fringes, and I quite like that:

Let us put the legal system to good use! Let us defend the Constitution and make sure that the powers that be not abuse their power! Let us never ever buy into the Orwellian New Speech that pretends to set us free by telling us what to believe and which language to speak.


As for the Socialist parties, there are two of them in my life: Socialdemokraterne "altid bedst for Danmark" as they style themselves, and pretty boy #PedroSánchez at the helm of Spain. For the longest time, I could not fathom the hate against him even amongst sensible thinkers. It seemed exaggerated and self-serving, and when it comes from the rightwing rivals it is.

Still, it is unforgiveable to cling to power using the crutches of filo-terrorists. The biggest letdown, however, comes from the State itself, and no particular party, when "Madrid" negotiates endlessly with the regional powers that abuse and repress, and leave the rest of us to our own devices.

Two years on end letting the völkisch lot stop all traffick at the end of the work day in a working class neighbourhood? Seriously?


Much worse than PSOE, however, are the Danish Socialists. Not because Prime Minister #MetteFrederiksen wants to vacunate us and keep little animals from spreading The Disease. No.

The true crime and the true totalitarianism of #Socialdemokratiet in Denmark is the idea made reality that our children belong to the State. The true terror is that a new prime minister can go on television on New Year's Eve 2019 and give instructions to her underlings to take our children, disregarding law and love.

And then they go and do it ever since! Because the Beloved Leader told them to and then forgot all about it. And because the State pays their salaries.


There is nothing worse than taking our children away. And the worst part is that this is part and parcel of the Scandinavian welfare states. The same is happening in our neighbouring countries, and has done for decades:

The full-on welfare states funded with 50 % taxes is Hell on Earth. And do mind me when I start sounding rather radical: I am only defending very basic rights and obligations: those related to taking good care of our own children.

How can we if they take them away from us? How can we when they react to our tears and protests by cutting off all contact to our loved ones in their formative years?

Tell me how?


The real horror in Denmark and likeminded countries is that the Socialist dream of welfare is the State creed. It is what everybody believes in:

Left and Right, the legal system and the lazy media.

There is simply no-one there to stop the madness that passes for normal in my country of origin.


The extremist welfare states turn citizens into clients. The idea in Scandinavia is that enormous swathes of population are unable to fend for themselves, or even think for themselves. They must be cared for and disciplined.

And to that means, other swathes of population are sent on week courses to learn to do just that. The instrument they best like to use is take your children away and make sure they grow up without parents. Or threaten to do so, so that you and your children may live in fear.

How is that welfare?


There is absolutely no reason to hold up those Nordic countries as ideal. They have lost the plot a long time ago, and they cling to a crazy ideology slaying victims on its way. Up north, the State constitute a danger to the citizens, all the while it pretends that they cannot live their lives without subsidies and interventions decided by little girls and old crows with no sense in the heads.

Alhamdulila for Southern Europe's humaneness and lacking lust for intervening in other people's lives.


So where does that leave me? Who could I vote if I, as a migrant, had a vote anywhere beyond voting for city council and EU Parliament?

No-one. There is no-one for me to vote. I hate saying this, for I have always preached that one must vote and never despair, and that the supposed protest against it all by voting "blank" is never understood as such.


By now, in Spain no party seems to me to represent any coherent, ideologically founded, honest and dignified vision for the country that I have chosen to live in. Still, all the truly Constitutionalist parties have something or other going for them: something that I respect.

Not so in Denmark. Up there, hardly any politician ever did a day's work outside the political show. And that IS relevant.

Up there, the opposition is not carrying out any real opposition: they are merely awaiting their turn in power.

All they are is a bunch of wannabe chairs of the pupil council.


But I don't need a church to pray. I grew up infused with ideology and need to know where I stand. I was taught to fight for what I believe in, by parents in steady university jobs risking nothing.

I was instilled with a revolutionary fury that I cannot still. I cannot still that fire and fury, although I now know that those teachings were void of care for what was best for me (opportunists live quieter lives).


And so, soulsearching the other day I reached the conclusion that I believe that what I now am is, apart from deeply anti-völkisch, a liberal humanist.

For I have seen how the social state may destroy you. But I have also seen people in true need arriving at the European shores, eager to join us but with so few means to do so.


As for law and order, I do believe in it. But I have seen an entire court system in #DanmarksDomstole and #KøbenhavnsPoliti obey the TV instructions to take our children, and follow the inner mechanisms of never ever admitting that the State is wrong. I have seen them all using the hardest tools against the mother who protests the kidnapping of her child.

I have seen close up year after year how the State may indeed be the very actor that breaks the law and destroys you. And still, I follow the rules. All I do is follow the rules and protest within their system and along their own channels: and it is getting me absolutely nowhere.

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