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An Egalitarian Morocco

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REPORT – (...) Inequality undermines the efforts to eradicate poverty; they gnaw away at social cohesion and end up being a threat to the health of the democracies. And so the fight against this scourge constitutes one of the most important challenges of our time. Far from being inevitable, inequality may be fought with public policy measures. Oxfam never ceases to expose the weaknesses of the current economic model: hundreds of millions of people live in extreme poverty, whilst immense wealth is concentrated on the hands of a minority of persons.

Our economies need transforming in order to secure universal access to health, education and other public services. To that end, companies and the wealthiest people should pay their fair share of taxes. This would allow more redistributive policies and a considerable narrowing of the gap between richest and poorest, and between men and women. (and another 50 pages)

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